Experience is personal, how well do you know your customers?

We believe that front of house armed with the right insight and a little support from technology allows the delivery of the very best experiences, while keeping the person to person interaction front and centre.

In order to better engage and retain customers Tealight provides the only restaurant experience platform aimed at top independent restaurants.  

The Tealight Restaurant Experience Platform helps with the following:

Customer loyalty

You know what they say about strength in numbers? It can be hard as an independent, but harnessing the power of the Tealight restaurant network can help you build loyal relationships with customers quickly and easily. 

Customer experience


Providing insights into your customers combined with digital interaction helps attract, engage and retain the growing portion of digitally native diners who expect technology to be part of the experience before, during and after service. 

Merchandise and product sales

With cookbooks or branded merchandise becoming common place in restaurants, the proper tools to engage, educate and service customers becomes more important. We help you tell a compelling story relevant to the customer experience, while keeping it non invasive so as to not alter the ambience of the restaurant. 

Reduction of empty tables

Late cancellation or simply some unsold peak slots? Through targeted contact management we can contact both existing and new customers based on your criteria and location. So weather it's an ideal customer who happens to be in the area, or a regular you know will be in and out quickly before a group, we help you fill those seats with the right people at the right time. 

Reporting and analytics

Understand your customers at a individual or group level, enabling you to plan around trends but cater for the individual ensuring you achieve the balance between service and the optimisation of covers  


The key to great service is great people. The key to a great experience is insight.


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