Experience is personal, how well do you know your customers?

We believe that front of house armed with the right insight and a little support from technology allows the delivery of the very best experiences, while keeping the person to person interaction front and centre.

In order to better engage and retain customers Tealight provides the only restaurant experience platform aimed at top independent restaurants.  



targeted digital content

Let's face it, for a big portion of your customers phones are a part of the eating experience. They are in your restaurant so why should Instagram get all their attention?

Tell your story with supporting digital content to keep your customer engaged but of course in a way that is non-invasive to customers who are not digital first so they can have their best experience too. 


Guest Personalisation

A great experience for one, is not great for another. Armed with insight about your diners, your front of house can deliver personalised experiences to your customers turning them into frequent visitors. 

Follow-up after the meal with targeted and personalised content to keep the expereince they had top of mind.

The key to great service is great people. The key to a great experience is insight.

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