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Tealight produces unique content to bridge the gap between  diners browsing social media and your restaurant. 

We do this through a free professional photoshoot and interview with your Head Chef (or similar).   

Tealight’s content tells unique details that consumers want to hear about but are so often overlooked. 

To date, we have worked with Michelin star restaurants to Greek street food stands and craft food and wine producers imported direct from Tuscany. 

We look forward to telling your story to our growing and content hungry audience. 


Ben, 07973 468 954, ben@tealight.co
Tom, 07595 372 048, tom@tealight.co

What is Tealight?

Whether eating our or eating in, you deserve the best.

Tealight makes it easy to find restaurants you’ll love.
We do this by taking the places you love to eat, matching that with others who also love them and creating you a personal, global, network of like minded people,

Purchase Michelin Star Quality Ingredients and have them delivered to your home. 
Tealight is creating a platform that allows you to cook with Michelin star quality ingredients to take your meals at home to the next level.


Free Photo-shoot

Image Rights

Chef Interview


Blog Publication

....Tealight Provides

What you need to provide 

  1. Time to scope the restaurant and setup the photo shoot (1hr)
  2. For photographs, an area with windows and natural light (2.5hrs)
    1. We appreciate that the shoot is likely to be out of service periods (e.g. before lunch or before dinner) 
  3. 1hr with the Head Chef/Owner/s to run the interview
  4. A complimentary meal for Tom and Ben for the dining experience article content

Blog Exposure (June '17) - Total Reach 37,523

Total Reach: 37, 523

"I love how much detail you have gone into about our RELATIONSHIP with our suppliers and Tom's passion for produce"

Outlaw's at the Capital


Q: Why is the food tasting not done at the same time as the shoot?

A: Tealight bring a professional photographer who wants time with the food. When combing the two, either the shots are rushed to get the food at it's best or the food is eaten below it's intended standard. We're happy to do it in a single sitting with phone cameras if there is a preference