Pitt Cue Restaurant, London - 3/3

Pitt Cue Restaurant, London

Wait, Pitt Cue hasn't changed


With Tealight's Co-Founder Tom being such a huge fan (he had the Pitt Cue book on pre-order) and me being BBQ mad, we were both super pumped about our evening with Pitt Cue.

With an on-site brewery and it being a balmy 33 degrees outside, we had to dive in with a summer ale to cool down before settling in for an absolute feast.

Dripping Country Loaf & Cultured Butter

In an atmosphere that encourages drinking and eating (we felt right at home) we began with Sourdough and dripping.  Not just dripping on top, which we first thought, but dripping through the bread... the actual dough... yep, the fluffy bit covered in dripping. I don't quite know what to say here as I ended up eatingthe butter off of my knife because it was so good, but the bread itself was just absolutely sensational.  Maximum points.

Mangalitsa Country Ham & Pickles

As soon as we stepped into Pitt Cue it was Mangalitsa mayhem and boy weren't we thankful.  The most beautifully smooth layer of fat accompanied textured ham which helped it to cuddle your palette before sliding into your belly, no questions asked.  We're huge fans of pickles and ham and pickles together... now we're talking.  Perfect flavours & textures.


Mangalitsa Bacon & Rhubarb Ketchup

This is where you strap in for launch.  The bacon was so, so incredibly textured with fat and meat, and cooked so well, we pretty much fought across the table to get the lion's share. If I could eat a dish a day for ever, this would be a major contender. 

The Rhubarb ketchup was strong, a bit sour and was perfect to go with one of Pitt Cue's all-time greats.  Jacob – keep this up please!

Caramel Beef Ribs

I think it's safe to say this dish wins the award for creating a silent table.  Tom and I, mouths full of first crispy, second sweet and third tender pork.  These ribs were almost encased in a caramel crust, but not a burnt caramel crust, just a beautifully caramalised crust of meat which held the softer, succulent interior together.

Jacob.... your formulas are bang on! This is sensational!

Chopped Beef and Kimchi

My tasting notes here say "your still at a meet joint just having a break".  This is relevant for two reasons, by this point I needed a bit of a break and two Tom was still in full-on meat-mode, no breaks required. He steamed in and had still said nothing from the previous course due to enjoyment factor bazillion.  Needless to say, super soft, chopped steak from quality ingredients, to keep our respective interests.

The kimchi was a little pocket rocket, to give that mouth a good washout with saliva ready for the next onslaught from Jacob, Head Chef of Pitt Cue and the Mangalitsa mayhem!

Smoked Short Rib with Kimchi Fennel

Now enjoying a bottle of Pitt Cue's own Grenache we were back into the swing of things after that short break and the smoked short ribs were absolutely first class.  More succulent meat, cooked very well.

What we were now discovering is that the various muscles we spoke about previously were all cooked very well by a talented team at Pitt Cue.

Cured & Smoked Jowl with Apple Ketchup

This was my favourite part of the Pitt Cue adventure.  The only way I can describe the Pork Jowl is like butter.  It was so soft and succulent that I found it hard to continue eating because I knew that by continuing it would be over soon.

With the apple ketchup, you had a combination of flavours which by now meant my taste buds were in meltdown and I was probably the happiest I have been in a restaurant for a long time.

Gooseberry & Almond Tart with Lemon ice cream

At the end of the previous course, I thought I was done and in a meat joint I wouldn't normally go for dessert due to eyes bigger than but actually, it was just what I needed.

The Lemon ice cream was a really nice way to start winding things down, with gentle sweetness from the almonds, and a slight tang with the gooseberries.  The tart's pastry had a perfect structure to hold the ingredients together.  You're done here until next time.

Thanks to Jacob, Crispin and the Pitt Cue Team!

Tealight spent two visits at Pitt Cue collecting images and tasting dishes. The photos and tasting notes are of multiple dishes. 

Website: Pitt Cue

Address: 1 The Avenue, Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YP

Social: @PittCueCo

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