Pitt Cue Restaurant, London - 1/3

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Pitt Cue Restaurant, London

Soho to the City, but we're still the same

In the first of a three part series, we spent time with one of London's leading BBQ restaurants, Pitt Cue at their new home, in the City at 1 The Avenue, Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YP.

Soon to meet and sit down with Jacob, Head Chef and one of the longest-standing members of Pitt Cue's staff.

Pitt Cue Head Chef - Jacob

As a result, Jacob knows Pitt Cue's ingredients inside out.  Oh, "Pitt Cue has changed" we hear you comment.  It may have, but can we suggest you remind yourself of this…  Other than Tom and Jamie, Pitt Cue's longest standing staff member is the current Head Chef.... talking to us right now.

Other than Tom and Jamie, Pitt Cue’s longest standing staff member is the current Head Chef
— Ben

So, you may sit in a different location, you may be in the City not Soho, but your plate of food is as follows: same ingredients, cooked by the same guy, cooked in the same way. Yes, the menu has changed and expanded a bit, but if you're a hardcore meat eater, then Pitt Cue is...... still Pitt Cue.

Coombeshead Farm and Philip Warren Butchers in the South West provide Pitt Cue with a large amount of key produce. As well as operating the farm, Tom now runs Coombeshead as a guesthouse and experimental food workshop.  Meaning the Founder of Pitt Cue, runs the farm that supplies it and, as we said, the longest standing Pitt Cue member of staff is the Head Chef.


Kimchi Tartare

Talking of farming, let's be honest - the Mangalitsa Pig is a wonderful animal.  If you haven't seen one, google it and you will fall in love. Tom began by importing just two of these legends from Austria, from a couple considered to be as good as it gets for Mangalitsa breeding.

“the best mangalitza pork in London at Pitt Cue in the City”
— Evening Standard

Common theme across each Tealight blog: start with the best possible ingredients to get the best possible output.  Mad home cook? Think of this the next time you buy mass produced ingredients for a dinner party effort.... 

This takes us onto a passion of Jacob's.  Jacob thinks today's Chefs are becoming sourcing specialists; tasked with finding the best ingredients and using cooking techniques that let the ingredients shine through. Nothing else.

Jacob's seam butchery is also a little passion of his (where you don't hack through muscles, you  remove them from the joint bit by bit).

Anyhow, we digress.

For those die-hard Pitt Cue fans, prepare yourself, we are going to talk about fish. Give it a chance.  Using dayboat fish from Wild Harbour, Jacob receives the odd text about which boats are out and who is catching what.  Fish caught one day, in Pitt Cue the next.  Cornish fish sent up every day, fresh and finding itself on the Pitt Cue menu.

The sourcing of Pitt Cue isn't a finished project Jacob tells us, for example, a desire to start sourcing unpasturised milk and cream for Pitt Cue's butter and cheese.

Predominantly down to wanting to craft as much as possible in-house with the space available. Jacob is focused on using Pitt Cue's formula but bringing new ideas to the table.

Hang on I hear you say. Enough of the ingredients, what about the cooking?

Well, that's coming next week.

Pitt Cue Restaurant Website

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