Tealight is a people to people restaurant recommendation app for the dietary specific. You know great places to eat, so do others, we hook you up with people of the same taste and dietary requirements and you do the rest. 

Whether you're free-from, plant based or vegetarian, finding great places to eat just got easier.   



The Steps to Success...


At Tealight we want everyone to have a great meal, every-time.

Every struggled to find a good restaurant that meets your dietary need? Us too.

Just because you have a dietary requirement, you don't just want to eat in places with a symbol on the menu, right? 

There are some amazing restaurants doing amazing things for restricted diets, but the don'y necessarily shout about it. We want you to find these places.

By understanding your current favourite places to eat and your dietary requirements we build you a personal network of people we send your requests to, meaning you get the best answers, every time. 

So next time you take a trip to a new part of town, or a weekend break to the country ask your Tealight community for a personalised recommendation. Simple. 

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What do others think?

....bad meals make me grumpy and I cant risk a bad meal out when I get one day off a week with my family so we end up eating in the same places...
— Michelin Star Chef
…..nothing has come along in the meantime to stop me sifting through endless reviews complaining about loud music or lack of side plates in order to find out whether the place is actually any damn good...
— Food Journalist & Author