1. What is Tealight?

Tealight removes the chance aspect out of finding a good restaurant by providing personalised restaurant recommendations.

2. What is your purpose?

To deliver a reliable restaurant recommendation service that ensures a good meal out.

3. How does TEALIGHT do this?

Via our app, launching late 2017.

We focus on you to deliver personalised recommendations from like minded people who have a similar taste profile to you.

4. How are you different and why should I care?

We are digitising word-of-mouth.  

By aligning taste profiles, you will soon be able to find a place to eat on your terms by asking other Tealight users.  Not restricted by the content available online or in print, or a list of restaurants.  You will be in total control of your search.

5. Wait, I can searcH online for restaurants TODAY?

That's right, you can.  However, there are typically three outcomes when trying to find a restaurant today:

1) You find a restaurant based on someone else's terms

2) You find a restaurant based on the platform's terms

3) You leave restaurant selection to chance

With Tealight, each request you make is sent to people with similar taste and local knowledge to ensure you find the perfect place to eat. 

Ok, I'm interested, what next?

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