At Tealight, we want everyone to have a great meal, every-time.


We understand that everyone has different tastes and "five stars" is subjective.

 That is why we are building a new app that takes the time to understand the actual places you love to eat and uses this to get personal recommendations from people with the same tastes.

What do we Do?

Tealight out

A new way of finding restaurants you’ll love. 

We do this by taking the places you love to eat, matching that with others who also love them and creating you a personal, global, network of likeminded people.

Coming Summer 2017


We're building a new community of foodies in London that works together to find each other the best restaurants.

Join like minded foodies and listen to interesting guests at our Tribe Time series or attend private menu evenings to get exclusive access to some of the world's best Chefs right here in London.

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....bad meals make me grumpy and I cant risk a bad meal out when I get one day off a week with my family so we end up eating in the same places...
— Michelin Star Chef
…..nothing has come along in the meantime to stop me sifting through endless reviews complaining about loud music or lack of side plates in order to find out whether the place is actually any damn good...
— Food Journalist & Author