restaurants near me
places to eat near me

Imagine a world where you DIDN'T have to trawl review sites to find perfect places to Eat...

...welcome to Tealight


At Tealight, we want everyone to have a great meal, every-time.


Have you ever sent a tweet asking for "places to eat near.." or searched for "best restaurants in..."? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused with the volume and conflicting results? We have! 

At Tealight, we understand that everyone has different tastes, and "five stars" is subjective.  Our new app understands the actual places you love to eat and uses this to get personal recommendations from people with the same tastes, helping you find the best restaurants in London, New York, Tokyo... or in the next village.

Got more time on your hands?

Then provide more detail on the occasion, whether it's a girls night out, dinner with the boss or just a quick bite to eat and we'll send your requests to people with similar tastes and local knowledge for a personalised recommendation. All that's left for you to do is choose which one to try first!

places to eat near me

How does it work?

Love to eat

Tell us where you love to eaT

and we use this to find people with similar tastes

restaurants london

Tell us about your event or meal ouT

because where you take your special person may not be right for Nan's Birthday

London Restaurants

Sit back and receive personalised recommendations 

each request is sent to people with similar taste and local knowledge to ensure you find the perfect place to eat. 



....bad meals make me grumpy and I cant risk a bad meal out when I get one day off a week with my family so we end up eating in the same places...
— Michelin Star Chef
…..nothing has come along in the meantime to stop me sifting through endless reviews complaining about loud music or lack of side plates in order to find out whether the place is actually any damn good...
— Food Journalist & Author